Lindenwoods / Brockville Proposed Bus Routes

November 04, 2019

New Winnipeg Transit routes have been proposed through the Transit Master Plan process for Lindenwoods and Brockville. Some of the changes include:

  • Two new routes (641 and 642) that provide direct connections to the Southwest Transitway/BLUE Line service for Lindenwoods residents;
  • A new route (677) that connects Seasons if Tuxedo/IKEA to the Southwest Transitway/BLUE Line service (via Brockville);
  • Improved bus frequencies during AM/PM peak periods;
  • Similar or better service during all other time periods; and
  • Extended service hours on all days of the week (buses run later into the night).


Info graphics explaining the propsed routes can be found on our Facebook page here

Residence feedback was incorporated into the present proposal, and testing of the routes is beginning. If you have feedback please let us know and we will pass it along to transit for their consideration.