Brenda Leipsic Dog Park Update

October 16, 2019


I know many of you have been eager for more information about the Brenda Leipsic Dog Park and I'm happy to announce that a portion of the new park will be open to the public in November, with an official opening in Spring 2020.


Work on the park was moving quickly and we were hoping for an earlier opening. However, due to the extremely wet weather in the past month and in October, this is no longer the case.


We still have work to do and the newly planted ground cover needs some time to establish. In order to make the dog park available for use as soon as possible, a portion will be opened in November 2019 when frost sets in. This will ensure the newly planted ground cover will not be damaged before having a chance to grow roots.


In the spring of 2020, the closed portion will be brought up to the required standard and the complete dog park will be opened.