Spring Street Maintenance Activities Underway

March 19, 2019

City crews are engaged in a variety of activities this spring, including repairing potholes, addressing frozen catch basins, culverts, and inlets, addressing isolated slippery conditions on streets as required, and producing sandbags for possible river and overland flooding.

Crews repairing potholes in all areas of the city and are focusing their patching efforts on main routes, bus routes, and collector streets as these are the routes that carry most of the traffic travelling at higher speeds. Very large or deep potholes that pose an imminent safety concern to traffic are forwarded directly to field crews for inspection and immediate attention.

Crews continue to monitor road conditions, and will apply salt to roadways as required to address icy conditions. Motorists are reminded to slow down, drive to road conditions, and to be mindful of roadway conditions.

The City currently has crews opening frozen curb inlets and catch basins, and clearing ditches and culverts to allow snow run-off to drain from streets and improve drainage. Removing snow, ice, and debris accumulations helps to prevent an accumulation of water on properties and roadways.

Residents are asked to contact 311 to report potholes, or frozen sewer inlets, culverts, and catch basins.