Pan Am Pool fully reopened following construction and facility upgrades

January 03, 2019

The Pan Am Pool has fully reopened following significant facility upgrades, including audio system replacement and installation of a new acoustic ceiling and lighting above the main pool. The Council-approved capital project budget was $3.42 million.

“This is an important investment that will ensure Pan Am Pool remains a safe and enjoyable facility for many years to come,” said Sherri Rollins, Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks. “Whether it’s an elite diving competition or the most accessible level of aquatic activity, these improvements allow Pan Am Pool to continue promoting health and activity for everyone in our city.”

Completed facility upgrades at Pan Am Pool include:

·         Installation of acoustic ceiling, wall panels, and lighting above main pool tank;

·         Removal of asbestos in the ceiling;

·         Painting to select areas; and,

·         Facility wide audio system replacement.

For more information on the capital investment in Pan Am Pool, please visit City of Winnipeg – Pan Am Pool Capital Project.