National call to artists for expressions of interest and qualifications - Waverley Underpass Public Art Project

September 30, 2018

Deadline: Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Budget: $326,000

The Winnipeg Arts Council (WAC) invites artists residing in Canada to submit expressions of interest and qualifications to create a permanent public artwork on the sloped greenspace southeast of the proposed Waverley Underpass project in Winnipeg, Manitoba, located on Treaty 1 territory.

WAC emphasizes the request for a contemporary response to the following four thematic options:

  • Geology / Underground
  • Archive
  • In-between space / Connections
  • The future

Thinking about the layers of deep time and physical history that exist beneath tyndallstone, Precambrian rock, remnants of Lake Agassiz, cretaceous strata, clay, and rich soil leads to thoughts of what layers might be built upon this in the future. What will Winnipeg look like in one hundred, one thousand, or one million years? How have the principles we espouse now been shaped by our past, and what will they contribute to the potential future? How does the dominant archive of the meaning of this place factor in the way that we conceive of it? Is land itself an archive? How can a space that acts as a conduit become something more meaningful? What role does in-between space play? What can be considered beneath/between/surface, and what grows out of it?

Interested artists must submit a complete application package to be considered.

For more information and to download the full Call to Artists and application forms, go to