Preliminary Construction Notice: Academy Road (South Side) - From Waterloo Street To Waverley Street

April 26, 2018

2018 Downtown & Regional Sidewalk Renewals, Detectable Warning Surface Tile Installation, and Associated Works

We wish to advise you that the above sidewalk renewal project has been approved by City Council for construction this coming summer as part of the 2018 Downtown and Regional Sidewalk Renewal Program of the City of Winnipeg, Public Works Department. 

The work will include removal of the existing sidewalk, then the forming and placing of the new concrete sidewalk. 

The project will require approximately three (3) weeks to complete. During construction, the street will be open to traffic with the curb lane barricaded at times. Parking on the street will be restricted. Pedestrian access to all business and residential premises will be maintained. 

Approximately two (2) weeks prior to commencement of construction, all businesses and residents will be contacted with the intended construction starting date. 

Those with accessibility needs, moving requirements, social functions, or if you have any questions concerning the project at this time or during construction, please contact me at 204-805-0104 for further information. 

We recognize the fact that this project may cause you some inconvenience and disruption during construction, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Your patience during construction will be much appreciated. 


Richard Weibel, C.E.T. 

Technology Services Branch