City asks Winnipeggers to Vote on More Inclusive Name for Handi-Transit

November 11, 2017

The City of Winnipeg strives to provide equal and inclusive customer service to all its residents, and is inviting Winnipeggers to help select a new name for its Handi-Transit service that better reflects its commitment to these principles.

Handi-Transit asked its key stakeholders for their ideas and suggestions for a new name. Their suggestions were reviewed by the Policy Advisory Committee which narrowed the selection. The City is now asking Winnipeggers to choose from the following three options:

1.    Winnipeg Transit Plus

2.    Winnipeg Transit Connect

3.    Winnipeg Transit Link

Since the current name and logo for Handi-Transit was adopted in 1977, there have been many changes in our understanding of disability issues and the language used to describe persons with disabilities. The introduction of new Provincial legislation, The Accessibility for Manitobans Act, and its continued development provides clear direction on the use of inclusive language when referencing services for the community. A new name for Handi-Transit is one step towards a more inclusive environment for all Winnipeggers.

For more information and to vote on the new name, please visit: Voting is open until Tuesday, November 21. Members of the public can also vote by calling Handi-Transit at 204-986-5722.