Winter Pleasure Rinks and Places to Skate with Your Kids

November 30, 2016

Looking for to get some exercise or spend time outdoors as a family. Outdoor pleasure rinks can be found at the following locations:

·       Belair Park (15 Belair Rd.)

·       Enderton Park (11 Ruskin Row)   

·       Harrow Park (1000 Fleet Ave.)

·       Lanark Bay (Bay G - south of Mathers)

·       Montrose Park (680 Elm St.)

·       Sir John Franklin Park (1405 Wellington Cr.)        


The following Community Centres have Pleasure skating available:

-       Linden Woods (414 Lindewoods Dr. W.)

-       Fort Garry Community Centre

o    Victoria Site (80 Derek Street)

-       Corydon Community Centre has outdoor pleasure skating rinks at all 3 locations:

o    River Heights Site (1370 Grosvenor Ave) 

o    Crescentwood Site (1170 Corydon Ave)

o    Sir John Franklin Site (1 Sir John Franklin Rd)


Corydon Community Centre – River Heights Site also offers indoor supervised lap skating is scheduled for all ages. Additional skate times will be available over the holiday breaks and will be posted on the website.