Reminder: There’s Still Time to Provide Feedback on the Creation of a City of Winnipeg Food Council

September 08, 2016

The public is reminded that there is still time to provide feedback on the potential creation of a City of Winnipeg Food Council. Citizens are invited to provide their feedback via an information table during Ciclovia which is happening along Broadway Avenue by the Farmers’ Market, on Sunday Sept. 11, 2016.

City staff from the Urban Planning Division will be on hand at Ciclovia to discuss the feedback received to date and to walk citizens through the process for creating a food council. City staff will also be available to review the potential mandate of the food council and to collect additional input from those who wish to leave their feedback.

Those wishing to provide feedback on the City’s proposed food council, but who cannot attend Ciclovia, are welcome to engage on the topic by reviewing the project information posted on City of Winnipeg – Towards a Winnipeg Food Policy Council site and then submitting their feedback by no later than September 30, 2016 to

What is a food policy council?

A food policy council is a group that works with the political process to shape the local food system by looking at it from many different perspectives. Members are usually involved in different parts of the food system (producers, processors, distributors, eaters, etc.), and work together to create a sustainable, accessible, and dynamic food system.

Food policy councils discuss food issues, coordinate between food system sectors, evaluate and influence policy, and support programs and services that address local needs. Different interests are brought together as the group discusses system issues, researches, and analyzes or proposes policy changes and / or programming related to the food system.