2011 Dutch Elm Disease Outbreak in North River Heights and Crescentwood

July 27, 2010

The City of Winnipeg is battling the spread of dutch elm disease and River Heights is a hot spot.

Councillor Orlikow is working with many groups to put a stop to the spread of this disease.


"I know that one things we all treasure is our trees.  They are part of what makes our neighbourhood so great" states Councillor Orlikow.


The City continues to lead the country in safeguarding our urban forest however the battle is far from over. 


Once a tree shows signs of DED it has to be removed and the City will be aggressively doing so. The City continues to use Dursban and fungicide injections for preventative means.  


Information about treatments is available at: - UD - Public Works Department .


Unfortunately, The City cannot reimburse residents for the treatments. Cost is on average about $300 per tree that can protect a tree from DED for 2, possibly 3 years – it is not a guarantee.


There are two significant challenges that we need residents' help with.  


1) Residents need to provide access to City crews to remove diseased trees on private property - otherwise diseased trees are left standing and cause the disease to spread to the rest of the area.


2) Residents must stop illegally storing and burning Elm firewood.


This is a problem throughout the City and not just in River Heights but these two little things above can make a big difference in our fight against DED.