Frozen Water Pipes in Winnipeg

February 26, 2014

The City of Winnipeg has experienced frozen water pipes is neighbourhoods due to the extreme cold temperatures,

Unfortunately weather conditions continue to amplify the problem.  The frost continues to move deeper – it is now 7 feet deep below pavement, which we believe is unprecedented in Winnipeg.

The City has researched private industry and have been unable to locate contractors with the specialized electrical thawing equipment required, nor is the equipment available for rent. The particular equipment currently in use in Winnipeg is no longer manufactured.  The City had ordered one unit each of new equipment now available on the market, but delivery times are such that those units will arrive in several weeks. 

Our focus until now has been to increase resources such that we thaw frozen water services as quickly as possible.  As a result of the challenges / resource limitations we are currently facing, we have now added a second focus.  That focus will be to install a temporary water service, through hose lines, as quickly as possible, such that customers will have a temporary water service while waiting for thawing of their permanent water service.  We are actively pursuing both internal and external resources to meet this focus and will have updates on this soon.

Please see the attached information sheet on frozen pipes - javascript:void(0);/*1393436395586*/