Orlikow Calls for Public Review of Snow Clearing

January 15, 2014

Solutions Needed so failures do not repeat

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winnipeg, MB – John Orlikow, Councillor for River Heights - Fort Garry is asking the Mayor to hold a public review of the recent snow clearing in light of the poor service provided. The City’s responsibility to is to ensure that the services it provides ensures that our citizens are able to be safe when driving and walking in Winnipeg which the City failed to do so during the last snow clearing.   “Streets and sidewalks need to be cleared quickly and in a way to that ensures that the people of Winnipeg are able to get from place to place safely,” said Orlikow. “The rutted streets, the length of time for sidewalks to be cleared and numerous other issues need to be publically addressed so they do not happen again.”   The issues, in part, that need to be resolved include rutted and glazed streets, the delay in clearing sidewalks, ticketing, clearing of windrows and use of resources to ensure that Winnipeg retains its position as the best snow clearing city in Canada.   “The winters are long and cold but offer many opportunities for Winnipeg. However, proper snow clearing is necessary for Winnipeg to grow as a Winter City.” said Orlikow, “It is a service that Winnipeggers demand and which attracts others.”