Winnipeg Launching Budget Consultation Process

December 05, 2013

June 12, 2013 – The City of Winnipeg has launched a new budget consultation process to engage the citizens of Winnipeg in helping to shape the direction of the City’s budget however Councillor Orlikow questions the value of spending $230,000.

“I have conducted neighbourhood budget consultations for the last few years,” Councillor Orlikow stated. "I do not believe that this process will provide value for the $230,000 spent due to the simplicity of the questions, lack of context and the time line."

"City Council understands what the public wants is to ensure that their tax dollars are been spent wisely and provide value." Councillor Orlikow added.

“This is another poorly executed community engagement process,” said Councillor Orlikow. “It’s important that we have citizen input to help inform where taxpayer dollars should be spent but this process will not achieve that.”  

The citizens of Winnipeg should have been consulted on:

·         Solutions,

·         Vision,

·         Leadership

Instead, people are asked “Do you want less/more/same services and pay less/same/ more?" 

The answer is Winnipeggers want services to continually improve and receive value for their tax dollars but this choice is not available. 

Council has failed to provide solutions, vision or leadership in addressing significant budgetary issues over the last six years.

Instead the infrastructure deficit has grown, services have been reduced, debt levels increased, utility dividends increased, user fees increased, frontage levies have increased, reserves have been reduced and/or eliminated and property taxes continue to rise.

Council’s job is consult with the public and debate solutions, provide Winnipeggers a clear vision on how the City will address the issues and provide the leadership needed to get Council working together on the problem.