What is the City of Winnipeg Doing about Dying Shubert Chokecherry Trees?

September 20, 2013

September 2013, Shubert Chokecherry trees are dying from black knot fungus and need to be removed was the message I gave the City Forester at our recent meeting as part of my lobbying to get the trees removed sooner than later.

The City of Winnipeg is now seeing this year many Shubert chokecherry trees are dying from black knot disease as the disease has passed a critical threshold. The Urban Forestry Branch has completed the removal of the Shuberts identified as high priority in 2011 (over 800 trees). The Department is continuing to replace these trees with different tree species and will have these replacements completed in 2014.

The Department is keeping records of the next phase of removals, including those on Waterbury Cr., but the City is not physically marking the trees right now. The Department is focusing on the current Shubert replacements, and pruning and removing trees to protect public safety.

It is a serious issue and a report is under internal review at this time related to our overall tree inventory and includes a plan for Shubert removal and replacement.

Our office continues to work with the Department to have the trees removed as soon as possible. 

You can call 311 to report any infected trees and this will assist in my lobbying the City of Winnipeg to get them removed sooner than later.