FCM National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group

September 04, 2013

This information is for those concerned, as I am, about the expansion of the industrialization of the rail lines in River Heights.

I am presently using many avenues to get the rail lines, potential transloading station and Silos removed and working with FCM is one of them.

Update on FCM National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group

On Friday, August 23, FCM’s National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group met in Montréal to review the federal government’s progress on rail safety and to begin the process of making specific rail safety recommendations to the federal government.

After the meeting, FCM issued a news release outlining the following three priority areas:

1. Equip and support municipal first responders to rail emergencies:
• Municipalities need to know what dangerous goods are being transported through their communities so local services can plan and respond effectively to emergencies.
• Railways and federal agencies cannot plan for emergencies alone. Local governments and authorities must be involved as partners in emergency planning.

2. Ensure federal and industry policies and regulations address the rail safety concerns of municipalities:

• At the local level, rail incidents can have significant impacts on public safety, the economy and the environment.
• Municipal concerns must be included in federal government risk assessment and policy development on rail safety.

3. Prevent downloading of rail safety and emergency response costs to municipal taxpayers:
• Third-party liability insurance systems must be strengthened to prevent the downloading of liability costs on municipal taxpayers, even in the event of bankruptcies.

You can help get our message out. On Twitter and Facebook, please share, “FCM's National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group calls for swift, concrete federal action on rail safety. #CDNmuni”.

These priorities will guide FCM’s discussion with the federal government and the rail industry as we work together to improve rail safety. If you have any questions, please contact me or rail policy analyst Daniel Rubinstein, 613-907-6294.


Claude Dauphin