Why Not the Sterling Lyon Underpass?

June 12, 2013

 In 2012, a discussion took place between the Director of the Public Works Department and the Chief Administration Officer in which it was explained that extending Sterling Lyon would not result in eliminating the need for an underpass at Waverley, it would merely delay the need for it somewhat, as some traffic would divert onto an extension of Sterling Lyon.

The Waverley crossing has the highest cross product of trains and vehicles of any at-grade rail crossing in the City and a Sterling Lyon by-pass would not eliminate the need for the Waverley underpass.    It was also explained that an extension along the previously proposed path through the Manitoba Hydro property to the north of the tracks would make future development of that land very difficult due to access constraints.   It was also explained to the area Councillor, at another meeting, that the flow of traffic would be impeded by the funneling of traffic into the Harrow and Stafford intersections bottleneck.   Also the cost associated with building an underpass or overpass would be very high due to the length of road required and the cost would be better allocated to expanding Pembina regional underpass which already carries regional traffic.   The Chief Administration Officer concurred with the Public Works Department recommendation that an extension of Sterling Lyon to Taylor should no longer be planned nor pursued.