Working with the Neighbourhood for Low Density Residential Guidelines for Mature Neighourhoods

May 17, 2013

 May, 2013 – John Orlikow, Councillor for River Heights - Fort Garry is initiating a neighbourhood effort to support the creation of in-fill residential guidelines that recognize the history and character of Mature Neighbourhoods. 

Councillor Orlikow moved a motion to create in-fill guidelines, modeled after the City of Calgary and Ottawa, which was approved by the City Centre Community Committee. (images/userfiles/Development of In-fill Guidelines for low Density Housing in Mature Neighbourhoods.pdf )   Guidelines would address in-fill issues such as layout, building mass, privacy and landscaping for residential in-fill homes in Mature Neighbourhoods.   “Mature Neighbourhoods have a history and character that people identify strongly with and is a reason people choose to live and invest in these neighbourhoods.” said Orlikow. “The City of Winnipeg needs to ensure that the history and character of Mature Neighbourhoods is preserved so people continue to choose to invest and live in them.”   In-fill guidelines provide all stakeholders a level of certainty and understanding of what is expected.       By ensuring that there are collaborative guidelines developed with all stakeholders, everyone benefits.   “The process is at the beginning stage and I want to ensure resident involvement from the outset.” responded Councillor Orlikow to why establish neighbourhood groups.   Residents interested in assisting Councillor Orlikow in advocating or wanting to be part of a working group for Low Density Residential Guidelines for Mature Neighbourhoods please contact Councillor Orlikow at (204) 986-5236 or email him at   Other stakeholders will be engaged after resident representation is established.   To view an example of guidelines go to:   City of Calgary: Low Density Residential Housing Guidelines for Established Communities @