Southwest Bus Rapid Transit - 2nd leg

March 06, 2013

March, 2013 - The City of Winnipeg is in the process of approving the recommendation of the "Final Report on the Southwest Bus Rapid Route" that the second leg of the South West Bus Rapid Transit route be the Parker route. The options included going down the rail line west of Pembina Hwy. or running it beside Parker Ave to Hurst and then go North/South by using the Hydro corridor. There was another Hybrid option presented to the committee that had the BRT route going along the Pembina rail line to McGillivray Blvd and then onto the Hydro corridor. My objective is to ensure that Winnipeg choses the best route for the SWBRT that provides the best value and I am less convinced daily that Parker is the best route. It is my conclusion that:   ·        all benefits have not been taken into account, ·        the issues have not been properly assessed, and ·        that the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor Stage 2 Alignment Study Final Report (“the report”) conclusion is flawed.   I recommend that a 1st phase Functional Design committee (and process be established to obtain the necessary information required that clarifies and provides solutions to various issues associated with the Parker, Pembina and a Hybrid route and that the EPC committee does not support the Administration’s recommendation at this time. I also recommend that the EPC committee accept recommendation that Figure 3 – Alignment 1B be modified to remove the possibility of an overpass at Beaumont St.   EPC did not support any amendments and supported the Parker route. The next step is Council approval and I will continue to lobby my fellow Councilors. For more information about the issue and presentations go to: City of Winnipeg Information   The Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee presentation   images/userfiles/IRPW SWBRT presentation.pdf The Executive Policy Committee presentation images/userfiles/EPC SWBRT presentation.pdf