Rapid Transit through Parker Land Information

January 31, 2013

 The City of Winnipeg is considering running the 2nd leg of the South West Bus Rapid Transit line East/West parallel to Parker Ave. and North/South along the existing Hydro Corridor to the University of Manitoba.

I have had the vote to approve the recommended route delayed until the end of February 2013.  This is to provide the residents time to read the Final Report – SWRTC Stage 2 Alignment Options.pdf, came out only two days prior to the committee vote, ask questions and for the issues to be addressed before the approved route is accepted.   Providing time for the affected neighbourhoods to engage is one of the requirements needed for me to approve the route. There are three more issues that the neighbourhood has identified that need attention. They are:   -       The elimination of a possible over-pass onto Beaumont St. -       Performing an environmental audit -       Providing a clearer understanding of how close the line will be to Parker Ave residents including expropriations   For more information on the Southwest Transitway Stage 2 Alignment recommendations go to:   Rapid Transit Decision Impact on Beaumont and Maybank Neighbourhoods @