What is Going on at the Rail Line along Lindsay St.?

September 14, 2012

The railway, BNSF, wants to industrialize along the rail line and add a transfer station at Grant between Grant Ave and Corydon Ave. without City approval.

This is not appropriate or acceptable.

I have asked our legal department to place an injunction on any storage or building along the site.

The legal department is also requested to provide a legal opinion if the railway is able to act without City of Winnipeg zoning or by-law enforcement as per the railway's interpretation of the Transportation Act.  This opinion is not supported by the City.

I have asked the By-law inspector to attend to the site and determine if there are any safety concerns, by-law or zoning infractions or other concerns.

I had an interview with CBC making my position clearly that the City of Winnipeg needs have control of lands within our neighbourhoods.

The question of which body has jurisdiction on determining use of the land is in dispute.  There is a difference of opinion between the railway and The City Administration therefore obtaining a legal opinion before works begins is prudent.

A letter was sent to MP Joyce Bateman outlining that the project is inappropriate for the neighbourhood and asked for her intervention at a Federal Level.

The placement of the storage tanks shows that the railway is going to act arbitrarily therefore I asked for the injunction September 14, 2012.

We will continue to update information on the web page as it becomes available.

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