Signalized Cross Walk at Elm and Corydon Takes One More Step to Becoming Reality

June 29, 2012

A signalized Cross Walk at Elm St. and Corydon Ave. must be installed to make it safer for children and others to cross the street in order to access to River Heights Junior High School and River Heights Community Centre.

The school has been requesting such a cross walk for many years as children have been struck or nearly struck by vehicles trying to cross Corydon Ave. to get to school.

Last year the non-signalized cross walk was moved as the attempt to get a signalized cross walk was not supported due to the lack of meeting criteria.

The criteria includes the number of crossings and the amount of traffic however I argue that the only criteria that needs to be looked at is safety. The fact that children are hit by cars each year clearly shows that this is an unsafe crossing.

That is why the City of Winnipeg needs to agree with my motion to get a signalized cross walk installed. The motion is supported by many community members including residents, the school, the parent council and the Community Centre.

The motion passed the City Centre Community Committee and will be heard by the Standing Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works at the July 3, 2012 meeting.

Please attend to make your voice of support heard. If you cannot attend then please email your comments to or call my office a 204-986-5236 so they can be included.

For more information please see the following links - images/userfiles/CC crosswalk motion.pdf

/images/userfiles/Pat O'connors Original Letter.pdf images/userfiles/Susan Anderson Letter June 2012.pdf images/userfiles/PAC letter.pdf