2012 Business Tax Bills

April 27, 2012

On Thursday April 19, 2012, Business Tax Bills will be mailed to approximately 12,200 business premises within the City of Winnipeg.

2012 Business Taxes are payable on, or before, Thursday, May 31, 2012.

The following is provided as additional information concerning this matter.

2012 General Assessment

The 2012 Business Assessment roll has been updated to reflect typical market rental values as at April 1, 2010 in accordance with Provincial legislation.

2012 Business Tax Rate

The Business Tax Rate for 2012 has been reduced from 6.39% to 5.90% in consideration of the increases in market rents resulting from the 2012 General Assessment.

Small Business Tax Credit

The Small Business Tax Credit (SBTC) program has been continued for 2012. Under the SBTC program, businesses with a business assessment (or Annual Rental Value) of $22,680 or less in 2012 will receive an offsetting credit equal to their full business taxes for 2012.

Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP)

For those businesses enrolled on TIPP and are eligible to receive a SBTC for the first time in 2012, refunds representing business taxes paid from January to April will be processed and mailed within the next 6 weeks.

A number of businesses that were enrolled on TIPP and received the 2011 SBTC will not be eligible for the 2012 SBTC as their 2012 business assessment/ARV is over the $22,680 threshold. For these businesses that wish to remain enrolled on TIPP, monthly payments for their 2012 business taxes will commence again on June 1st with the final monthly payment occurring on October 1st. Additional communication will be sent to these affected businesses for clarification purposes.


Their website has been updated to provide the general public with direct access to information and services provided by the Assessment and Taxation Department. There are several pages dedicated solely to the billing, payment and collection of business taxes.

The website can be accessed directly at:


Included with the 2012 Business Tax Bills was information concerning how business taxes are calculated, methods of payment, penalties for late payment and telephone numbers for customer service inquiries. Attached is a PDF file containing the 2012 Business Tax Brochure for your ease of reference -images/userfiles/Business Tax 2012(3).pdf