TR Hodgson Park Survey

February 27, 2012

The City of Winnipeg is working to improve the playground area in TR Hodgson Park
(north of Carpathia School playing fields). We are very interested in your ideas and
would like to ask a number of questions to help us determine what we should focus on.

At this time we are not upgrading the wading pool or building, but your comments on
these features are welcome. Your participation is voluntary and you may refuse to
answer any question if you wish. All comments will be kept confidential.

To ensure that your concerns are heard at the earliest stages of this project we would
appreciate it if you would fill out the attached questionnaire and return it to us by
Friday March 2nd.

To download the survey please click the following link - images/userfiles/TR Hodgson Park_Survey.pdf

Completed surveys can be left at: Carpathia School Office (300 Carpathia Rd.)