River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward - Neighbourhood Park Structures Replacement Program

January 18, 2012

As your representative for the River Heights / Fort Garry ward, I have taken a keen interest in preserving and improving parks and play structures, making this a priority. One of my first goals since becoming your area Councillor, was replacing many of the older play structures that were past their natural life span, in need of significant repair and were no longer appropriate.  

I am happy to announce that at the end of this summer we will have reached this goal.  All outdated wooden play structures will have been replaced in the River Heights – Fort Garry Ward.   Q: What Play Structures and Parks have been improved or replaced in the past years?   A: Since I came into office in 2009 the following parks in the Ward have been replaced or upgraded:   ·         Cordova Park ·         Brock Fleet Park ·         Van Walleghem Park ·         Enderton Park (Peanut Park) ·         Harrow Park ·         Joe Malone Park ·         Montrose Park ·         Sir John Franklin Community Centre   Q: What parks will be done in 2012, and why those parks?   A: In 2012 the following two play structure replacements: J. R. Hodgson ·         Wood construction ·         Older than 30 years ·         Well-used by the community   Beaumont Park ·         Older, 25 years ·         All wood ·         Well-used by the community   Q: What is planned for the 2013 budget year?   A: As of the 2012 budget year replacement of older play structures that were past their natural life span, in need of replacement and were unsafe in the Ward will have been replaced.     In 2013 the budget will continue to focus on improving play structures but will expand to include new projects such as expanding gardens, adding lighting and walking paths to parks and play areas, and other ideas defined by the community.