2010 Property tax update

May 14, 2010

2010 General Assessment

The 2010 General Assessment resulted in an average City-wide market value increase for all properties of about 67%.   Tax Freeze A tax freeze means that the overall municipal tax revenue collected by the City will not increase from 2009 to 2010; however, individual properties may see an impact on their 2010 property tax bill if their market value changes were above or below the City-wide average of 67%.   It is important to remember that municipal taxes make-up only a portion (45%) of the total property taxes collected by the City. Education related taxes, over which the City has no control, represents 55% of the total property taxes collected.   Municipal Mill Rate The 2010 Municipal Mill Rate has been reduced to offset the impact of the average City-wide market value increase of 67%. The 2010 mill rate is 15.295 which is reduced from 25.448 in 2009.   Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit For 2010, the Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit will remain the same as it was in 2009, at $650 for qualifying residential properties.   Website Our website has been updated to provide the general public with direct access to information and services provided by the Assessment and Taxation Department. There are several pages dedicated solely to the billing, payment and collection of property taxes.   The website can be accessed directly at:   Brochure Included with the 2010 Property Tax Bills was information concerning methods of payment, penalties for late payment and telephone numbers for customer service inquiries. I have attached a PDF file containing the 2010 Property Tax Brochure for your ease of reference.   Property owners are encouraged to contact 311 (or toll free 1-877-311-4974) if they have any questions concerning their 2010 Property Tax Bill or the assessed value of their property.