Corydon Corridor - Crescentwood, River Heights and Sir John Franklin working together

October 13, 2009

In February 2009, Crescentwood Community Centre, River Heights Community Centre, and Sir John

Franklin Community Centre formed the Corydon Corridor Community Centre Committee in response to

the City of Winnipeg’s Plan 2025 in order to enhance the working partnership that already exists

between the three community centres. The committee has been working to define a new model of

operation for Sir John Franklin, River Heights, and Crescentwood, with the potential to

redevelop/reconfigure facilities on existing or expanded centre footprints that enhance centre

sustainability to better meet community needs, and to share governance and programming.

The formation of the Committee is in response to the City of Winnipeg’s Plan 2025 and recognizes that

despite three separate catchments, the three centres really serve one community. The best way to

ensure that service provided by the centres is meeting the needs for the benefit of that community is to

build on the strengths of each centre and overcome the limitations of each individual facility. It

recognizes that it is not feasible to think that every facility can be “everything”, especially with three

community centres in such close proximity. It is also in recognition of a need to maximize the benefit of

the availability of funding and of the local volunteer force.

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