Geneva of the North Proposal Approved by CEC

November 20, 2014

A social and economic Winnipeg advantage

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights provides the opportunity to advance Human Rights and provide social and economic benefit to Winnipeg.

I thank the Citizens Equity Committee for endorsing the idea and allowing me to take the project to other stakeholders for consideration.

I strongly believe that Winnipeg must take advantage of this opportunity of becoming a “Human Rights City” and creating a “Social Entrepreneur Centre of Excellence” that supports existing and attracts social and environmental agencies and entrepreneurs.

A Human Rights City is a worldwide movement where institutions, organizations, businesses and individuals learn, understand, embrace and apply human rights principles to their daily lives. Respect for fellow humans is immediate and innate, and where everyone is included with full access to membership and participation in the community.

The Social Entrepreneur Centre of Excellence involves providing education and an environment for people and groups to directly engage in addressing equity barriers at the local level.

Together these pillars provide a foundation of expertise, creativity and support that will stimulate collaboration, improve solutions and provides benefits to individuals, Winnipeg and the world.

The project is at the organic stage of evolving however the interests, the number of groups willing or are already engaged provides a strong place to start.