Three New Neighourhoods planned for the River Heights/ Fort Garry Ward You Should Know About

February 19, 2014

I wanted to let my neighbours and constituents in River Heights / Fort Garry know about three new developments in the ward:

• Parker Neighbourhood Secondary Plan

• Brockville Neighbourhood preliminary outline and

• Bishop Grandin Crossing Development Master Plan.

These three developments are currently at various stages of consultations and planning but will likely be coming to Council for approval before the summer of 2014.

The Parker Neighbourhood Secondary Plan is about to start. The process includes working with Beaumont and other residents to ensure that the new neighbourhood fits and complements the area. 

The Brockville preliminary outline has been established to guide the development that is occurring in the Brockville neighbourhood. This includes multi-use paths, connectivity and design to fit in with other existing developments.

The Bishop Grandin Crossing Development is designed to include residential, park and commercial spaces including connection to the South West Bus Rapid Transit line (“BRT”).

The Parker Secondary Plan merits particular attention as it overlaps with the proposed route for the BRT line, the Pembina Underpass expansion and must accommodate overland water drainage, traffic flows, protecting green space, and a number of other factors.

While I am a strong supporter of BRT, I have not been convinced that the “dog leg” portion of the BRT through the Parker lands provides the best value for Winnipeggers, either in the short or long term.

Other routes provide a better return on investment by opening up opportunities for development along Pembina Highway, taking advantage of existing ridership, protecting forests in Parker and improving traffic flow along Pembina.

I am concerned about how Winnipeg will pay for the upcoming $650M+ capital project, and the Mayor’s inability to provide the leadership needed to protect Winnipegger’s investment

I look forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure that they are part of the planning process that maximizes the value of these projects for all Winnipeggers.

For more information about these projects and community meetings go to:

Parker Land Secondary Plan Sugar Beat Lands Development @ or contact our office at 204-986-5236 or