June 06, 2013

Cornish and St. John’s Libraries are both Carnegie Libraries, built with money donated by businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. These libraries were built in 1915 after a grant of $70,000 was awarded jointly for both branches.

Cornish is a character heritage structure, in need of significant renovations in order to be able to continue to serve as an active, welcoming, and safe civic space. Renovations will address the issue of accessibility, will make better use of available space, and will refurbish tired interior finishings, lighting, and meeting facilities. Cornish Library has a small yet well-rounded collection of both Adult and Children’s fiction and non-fiction. The mystery and science fiction/fantasy collections are particularly fine. Circulation at Cornish Library nears 100,000 items per year. It is estimated that the costs to renovate Cornish Library will total $2.5 million. Renovations are scheduled to be completed by 2015.   We are working to ensure that Cornish continues to contribute to the life and fabric of Armstrong Point, Wolseley, and West Broadway. The Winnipeg Library Foundation has begun a campaign to raise the funds necessary to renovate Cornish Library, to preserve its valuable history and sustain it into the future. You can help! Get involved with the campaign. We need committed volunteers right now. Callus at204.989.2060 or