Corydon Crosswalk, DED and Spring Clean Up info

May 10, 2013

Spring is Sprung (fingers crossed)

John Orlikow, Councillor River Heights – Fort Garry With the snow and ice finally gone (we hope!) and Victoria Day weekend around the corner, I’m looking forward to getting out and visiting neighbourhoods throughout River Heights, Fort Garry and Lindenwoods. These walks provide me the opportunity to connect with you, get a firsthand assessment and look out for opportunities to support neighbourhood development. Winnipeg’s greatness is based on our unique blend of communities and the pride we have in them. After many years of advocacy by parents at Ecole River Heights School, the Community Centre and various Councillors we have secured approval and funding for installation of a cross walk with signals on Corydon.  Seniors and children who cross at the corner have had a difficult time of it over the past years, but it will be installed this construction season. The crosswalk will help improve safety of pedestrians, but will also help develop River Heights as a walkable community. Treating our Trees I know many of you are concerned about the health of our trees, with Dutch Elm Disease in River Heights and Black Knot fungus attacking Schubert chokecherry trees in Lindenwoods and Fort Garry. To combat Dutch Elm in Winnipeg, we have secured more funding to increase pruning, rapid removal and replanting. Winnipeg’s Forestry Department will be initiating a Rapid removal program for DED trees this year. It is hoped that the new policy will reduce the spread of DED by up to 50%. More information will be coming as plans are developed, I will post on my web site. More funds are needed to help fight DED, as well as support by the Province. I continue to lobby the Provincial government to add to the City’s increased efforts to combat Dutch Elm Disease. Black Knot Fungus has been spreading through the much of Lindenwoods, more info is available on my website at This past year the City started a program of assessing streets for black knot Fungus. Those trees that are worst hit are being removed and replanting is occurring. This program will continue this year with a diverse variety of trees being planted. Working together to make our neighbourhoods beautiful Thank you everyone that has contacted me about ideas on how we can work together to beautify our neighbourhoods. Whether it’s getting together with a few neighbours to focus on cleaning up your block, doing some creative landscaping of your own, or participating in a community clean-up, you can get involved here:   -        Take Pride Community Clean Up, “Team Up to Clean Up” at -        Adopt a Park at: You can get more information from my “Neighbourhood Updates” section on my website, . It’s a great way to ensure you receive information that is most relevant to you. As City Councillor, I believe in putting your interests first at City Hall. Follow me at  www.orlikow, Twitter or FaceBook, call (204) 986-5236 or email me at with ideas, suggestions or concerns. If the phone is busy, please try again!