Orlikow: No More "Digging First, Asking Questions Later"

April 30, 2013

City Must Set Up Functional Design Committee for Bus Rapid Transit

  For Immediate Release - Feb 27 2013   WINNIPEG - John Orlikow, Councillor for River Heights- Fort Garry says the City needs to properly engage in public consultation and planning before selecting a route for the next leg of Bus Rapid Transit from Jubilee to the University of Manitoba.   Orlikow says that establishing a Functional Design Committee for Bus Rapid Transit is critical to making sure it gets done right, and will save money in the long run.   “There’s been too much of the attitude that we “dig first, and ask questions later,” said Orlikow. “If we reach out and listen to the community, we can work out the issues instead of having to put the bulldozers on hold.”   Orlikow said the goal of the Functional Design Committee for Bus Rapid Transit would be to determine the best route by looking at the benefits and drawbacks of various possible options, since they might have impacts well beyond the immediate neighbourhood. The committee would then recommend the best route to the Infrastructure and Public Works Committee.   Among the issues the committee needs to consider are:   • Water management • Development • Roads - (new and/or changed) • Protection of natural habitat and green space • Traffic and active transportation • Station location   Orlikow said the committee should be made of of members from neighbourhoods affected by potential transit routes, residents at large, project managers, area Councillors, member of the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works and other stakeholders as determined by the committee.   “The fact is, good planning and and consultation pays off because it helps you identify problem spots ahead of time,” said Orlikow. “The more information a committee can gather, the better decisions we can make.”   For more information related to this issue go to:

Speech to Council: images/userfiles/SWBRT Speech.docx

Presentation to Executive Committee: images/userfiles/EPC SWBRT presentation(1).pdf

Presentation to Committee: images/userfiles/IRPW SWBRT presentation(1).pdf