Grosvenor Fire Hall, Relocation of Bus Loop and Sir John Franklin School Field update

April 10, 2013

April, 2013, Last September I brought forward the idea of moving the bus loop before the Fire Hall on Grosvenor St. was declared surplus.

Two reasons for relocating the bus loop are:

- to enhance the opportunity for residential redevelopment of the site and

- to provide additional field space for the Corydon Community Centre’s Sir John Franklin site.

The idea also included a proposal for the City of Winnipeg to purchase the vacant Sir John Franklin school site from the Winnipeg School Division.

To see community presentation about the idea go to:

The following is an update on the various parts of the proposal.

Declaring The Fire Hall Surplus

The bus loop will remain on the site and the Fire Hall will be sold.

The land will require rezoning and a public hearing before the land can be developed.

Relocating the Bus Loop

Our office sent out mailers, emails, and I spoke to many residents for their input on removing the bus loop and extending the bus route to the Rady Centre.

Thank you to all that did reply either in support, offering suggestions and who let us know why they do not support the idea.

An option of using the bus loop at the Rady Centre by extending the Crescent bus through Centennial Parkway down Lockwood and out Tuxedo, was determined not to be a viable option due to safety issues concerning the elementary school and the negative impact to many residents.

Other options for relocating the bus loop were explored and deemed not viable. This included the possibility of acquiring the vacant Sir John Franklin school site field to be used, in part, as a location for an alternative bus loop.

While I have been successful in having the City put in a bid to purchase the Sir John School site, on behalf of the Corydon Community Centre, the bus loop will not be relocated there.

The Crescent bus loop will remain where it is and there are no changes to the route.

Acquiring the Sir John Franklin School Field

Purchasing the land for use by the Corydon Community Centre’s Sir John Franklin site remains a possibility.      While the land will not be used as an alternative bus loop, The City of Winnipeg have prepared an offer to purchase the lands for use by the Corydon Community Centre's Sir John Franklin site.   The day for interested parties to submit bids to the Winnipeg School Division is not set.  I will let the neighbourhood know when it does.   I hope that this helps answer some of your questions but please let me know if you have any questions.