2013 Language & Literacy Grant Awards

April 08, 2013

Community Outreach Committee

Winnipeg Public Library Board

The W

innipeg Public Library Board is pleased to announce the awards of $1,500 Community Outreach Language & Literacy grants to Henry G. Izatt Middle School who will collaborate with Fort project and John M. King School working with the West End Library to launch the Imaginationto impact pre-school literacy.



In 2013, the Winnipeg Public Library Board is again inviting proposals from interested groups in developing language and literacy programs.

Library branches

Imagination Library project that originated with singer Dolly Parton, is headed by Sue Hoang, Community Support, working closely with Branch Head Joey Olafsson, West End Branch, Winnipeg Public Library. The Early Years Literacy Intervention project is a creative coordination of school, community and public library programs. The project will impact children under the age of five in the John M. King School catchment area. The success of the Imagination Library in other communities throughout North America, including that of Dauphin, Manitoba, shows that a community that values literacy can make a significant impact on learning.Encouraging Reluctant Readers With Graphic Novels project, spearheaded by Teacher- Librarian Brandi Nicholauson in collaboration with Branch Head Jane Bridle, Fort Garry Branch, Winnipeg Public Library, have created an exciting project that will impact students from Grades 6-8 identified as reluctant readers at Henry G. Izatt Middle School. In creating a school book club and involving an artist from the community to teach about the process behind graphic novels provides for a creative coordination of school and public library. In order to follow up the experience of the book club and artist workshop, a deposit of a variety of other graphic novels, magazines, and non-fiction material from Fort Garry Library will be provided. For reluctant readers to learn more about the resources of the public library with an opportunity to apply for library membership will encourage them to continue reading as they enter Junior and Senior High schools.

. The goal is that the project will be successful in stimulating literacy and increasing Winnipeg Public Library usage. A total of $3,000 is available from the CommunityOutreach Committee of the Winnipeg Public Library Board. Deadline date: April 30, 2013.

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Since its initiation in 2006, the Community Outreach Committee of the Winnipeg Public Library Board provides funding for community groups to assist community groups in Winnipeg in developing language and literacy programs.