City of Winnipeg 2014 General Assessment for Property Owners is Currently Underway

November 02, 2012

The City of Winnipeg 2014 General Assessment for property owners is currently underway.

Properties in Winnipeg are assessed every two years to ensure assessment values keep pace with changing values in the real estate market.

“The last General Assessment occurred in 2012 and updated market values to an April 1, 2010 reference date,” said Nelson Karpa, Director of Assessment and Taxation. Karpa added that the 2014 General Assessment will update market values to an April 1, 2012 reference date.

Residential Property owners in Winnipeg will receive a Preview Letter about the 2014 General Assessment by mail over the next few months, and can also access additional assessment information through the City of Winnipeg website.

The average assessment increase for residential properties only ranges between 9% and 18%. “It is important to remember that an assessment value increase does not necessarily mean a similar increase in property taxes,” stated Karpa. The change in the overall assessment roll (including all property types) due to the 2014 General Assessment cannot be calculated at this time as non-residential properties have not yet been valued.

As with past General Assessments, the Assessment and Taxation Department is inviting residential property owners to speak with departmental staff about their proposed 2014 market values through the Residential Review Appointment Program.

The Residential Review Appointment Program will function much like past General Assessment Open Houses with the addition of a “by appointment” feature. Program details such as dates, times, locations and how to make an appointment will be included with each property owner’s personalized Preview Letter.

The Assessment and Taxation Department is responsible for conducting a General Assessment of all property in the City of Winnipeg. This includes the valuation and classification of all Winnipeg homes and properties – both residential and commercial – in order to ensure fair distribution of taxes.

For more information on the Assessment and Taxation Department, as well as the 2014 General Assessment, visit