Information on 2012 New Developments occurring in Linden Ridge

June 20, 2012

There are presently two multi-unit buildings being built in Linden Ridge. The details of both proposals are listed below for your information.

  1.    2034 McGillivray Blvd
The developer proposed a 186 unit 7 story building. It got appealed and what was approved was a 5 story building, "constructed in substantial conformance with the plans submitted". The plans are available on pages 12-16 of the report. The report can be found in the Dec 2, 2010 minutes here under agenda item 8:
  2. 10 Linden Ridge Drive (Formerly 1884 McGillivray Boulevard)
Council approved a residential Multi-Family 72 unit building up to 6 stories high at the corner of McGillivray and Linden Ridge Drive in March 2005:
  The plans for a 72 unit 4 story building were brought to the Community Committee on May 8th to concur that they complied with what Council approved. They are available here under item 124 (pages 4-12):