New Waste and Recycling Pick Up Service Coming Fall 2012

June 04, 2012


If you live in a house, duplex, or multiplex with seven units or less, your garbage and recycling collection will change to a new, modernized and improved collection service using garbage carts that will help keep more garbage out of our landfill and give you more opportunities to recycle.


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Q: Are there examples of other Cities using similar service?


A: Yes, please click on the links below to view:


·         Cart being collected in Winnipeg in winter.


·         Automated Garbage Collection in Medicine Hat, Alberta.


·         Worksafe BC on benefits of Automated Garbage Collection for garbage collectors




Q: When will the new program start?


A: The new Garbage and Recycling service will start on October 1, 2012. That is the date you will start using your carts to put out your garbage and recycling.




Q: What does the $50/ year fee get me?


A: There are numerous service improvements including:


· You will receive a new 240-litre garbage cart and a new 240-litre recycling cart along with a guide for using your new carts when the city-wide waste diversion program begins.


· You will receive a cleaner and safer way for waste to be managed making back lanes cleaner and reducing the opportunity for arsonist.


· You will receive seasonal curbside biweekly yard waste collection twice per year. (see YARD WASTE COLLECTION - - )


· You will be provided a multi-material community recycling facility that will accept a wide range of recyclables presently not accepted.


· You will see upgrades to Brady Land Fill to accommodate organic composting, improved customer service and reduce future cost for our children.


· The City will test curb side kitchen waste compost pick up service.




Q: When will the carts start to arrive at our house?


A: Delivery of new garbage and recycling carts will start in the River Heights - Fort Garry Ward in August. You will be asked to store the carts on your property until the October 1 start date.




Q: When will it be possible to start using the new carts?


A: October 1, 2012




Q: What size are the garbage carts?


A: 240 litres (53.3 imperial gallons), equal to 3 regular size garbage containers. The container is a bit over 1 meter tall. The lid opening is roughly 60 cm by 70 cm.




Q: Will I have to pay for the carts?


A: The City will provide each dwelling unit with one cart for waste and one for recycling at no charge.




Q: Can I get a larger Cart?


A: You could get a larger bin for your garbage collection service for an annual fee based on cost recovery:


2010 fees
Option 1 Switch your 240-litre cart for a 360-litre cart
$33.00 per year
Option 2 Get a second cart, 240-litre size
$93.00 per year
Option 3 Get a second cart, 360-litre size
$116.00 per year


The city will start with the 240 liter cart size, and then if an upgrade is needed accept requests shortly after the program have started.




Q: How do I do this?


A: Call the City at 311 or e-mail them at, the customer Service Representatives can help you.




Q: Will my delivery day change?


A: Yes, you will get more pick up on weekly basis rather than six day cycle.




Residents will get their garbage and recycling carts emptied every week of the year and should find it easier to remember their collection day.  A set weekday collection schedule will replace the current five-day collection cycle.  Residents will be assigned a collection day (e.g., every Tuesday) that will remain the same throughout the year, except for the weeks with Remembrance Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, when collection will shift over one day for residents with a collection day falling on or after the holiday.  For example, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day this year fall on Tuesday, so Tuesday’s collection will move to Wednesday, Wednesday’s collection will move to Thursday, Thursday’s collection will move to Friday, and Friday’s collection will move to Saturday for that week only.




Q: How do I use the new garbage and recycling cart?


A: A user guide will be provided with the carts and will outline all the details of the new garbage and recycling services, including a calendar highlighting all the collection days.  Information will also be available on the City’s website at after the May long weekend.




Q: What would I do if I have too much garbage to fit in my cart?


A: Any garbage that doesn’t fit in your cart can be saved until the next collection day. Alternatively you can call 311 to arrange surplus waste pick up. The cost for a surplus waste pickup would be $5.00 for up to three standard size garbage bags (equal to one bulky waste item).




Q: If I don’t have enough room in the cart, could I place materials beside the cart?


A: Only garbage inside the cart would be collected.




Q: Where would I store my cart?


A: You could store your cart in the same location as you currently store your garbage container (e.g., carport, garage, at the side of your house). The footprint (dimensions at the base of the cart) is similar to an average-size garbage container.




Q: Where would I set out my cart for collection?


A: You would place your cart at the front street or at the back lane just as you do now. People in the River Heights area who live between Academy and Wellington Crescent will have their delivery return to the alley. The new trucks are smaller and can navigate smaller back lanes with T-ends like those in the Wellington Crescent neighbourhood




Q: My back lane is narrow, will the trucks fit?


A: The automated waste and recycling trucks will fit.




Q: What happens if my cart is damaged or lost?


A: The City of Winnipeg will investigate all reports on damage to, or theft of, the new garbage cans. If the collector is found to have caused the damage to the cart, they are responsible for repair or replacement. If the resident is found to have directly or indirectly caused the damage, it is the resident’s responsibility to replace the cart.




Q: Are bins frequently lost or stolen?


A: The amount of bins that disappear in cities that have cart collection is extremely low. Currently the City of Winnipeg has 8,000 carts for apartment recycling in use. The number of these containers stolen over the past eight years and never found is less than 100.




Q: What theft prevention options are available?


A: Residents’ responsibilities for theft prevention will remain unchanged. Residents will be responsible for their own garbage and recycling containers and are responsible for storing the cart in a safe place, removing the cart from the street or lane as soon as possible after collection, and with replacing the cart if stolen or damaged.


Carts will be installed with RFID tags so city staff can identify wayward carts and return them to the rightful owners. Carts also include a place to put residential address markers.




Q: I live in an apartment/duplex/multiplex. Will my collection be affected?


A: If you live in a multi-family dwelling with eight or more units, there is no change to your collection.




Q: Will I lose the AutoBin I currently use in my lane?


A: Yes. The community shared garbage bins (AutoBins) will be replaced with individual garbage carts for each residential dwelling.




Q: Can the bins be decorated in a way that will reduce graffiti?


A: Yes. The new carts belong to the home/property so residents can do the same to them as they do with their garbage cans today.




Q: Can I still use the blue boxes I’ve already purchased and currently use?


A: No. Manual collection is being phased-out industry-wide across the continent. Only automated recycling carts will be emptied as part of your recycling collection service. You can however use the old blue boxes for your new yard waste collection service.




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