Councillor Orlikow says no to Public Money for the Water Park

April 18, 2012

April 18, 2012, Councillor Orlikow today asked the Executive Policy Committee to rescind the $7 million in public funding from the Water Park proposal and allocate those dollars equally between Wards to enhance recreational opportunities.

The rational for the requesting the grant be re-allocated are twofold.   1)     Priorities -       public funds need to be spent on existing infrastructure.  While this money will not completely address the City’s infrastructure deficit, it will improve local community centres. -       Is providing $7 million for access to a Water Park considered a core service when the City is looking at getting out of the arena, pool and golf business? -       Public Safety is another priority of the City which is better addressed through local programming and a better use of those public dollars.   2)     Value   The value of the access agreement related to the water park is less than the value of $466,000 provided to recreational programming to each Ward.
The re-allocated investment will have the most direct and positive impact in reducing our infrastructure deficit and improving public safety by increasing access to local community centers.
  Councillor Orlikow does support a Water Park as there is no disputing that many people in Winnipeg would like to be able to attend a Water Park in Winnipeg, especially in the winter.        However, choices have to be made to ensure the most value is provided through public investments. 

images/userfiles/MOTION.pdf - recommendation presented.

images/userfiles/Water Park SPC Downtownf.pdf - EPC motion.

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