Sleep Tight Linden Woods and Brockville - Train Whistles at the Sterling Lyon CPR Crossing to Stop

February 20, 2012

The City of Winnipeg has received clearance from Transport Canada to end the CPR train whistling at the Sterling Lyon Crossing.

Since 2009 I have heard concerns from Linden Woods and Brockville residents about the noise, especially in the evening, associated with the train whistling at the Sterling Lion CPR railroad crossing. In response, my office initiated the process with the City Administration and the negotiations with Transport Canada began.   The City addressed visibility issues with CPR, ensuring all appropriate safety measures are present at the railroad crossing, and applied for whistle cessation. It has now been approved.   The final paperwork has been signed off by the City and is being completed by Transport Canada. The “No Whistle” sign will be installed, letting conductors know they are no longer required to whistle at this crossing.   Although conductors will still have to whistle when “hazards” such as animals or people walking on or near the tracks are seen, this will now be the exception rather than the norm.   Residents of Linden Woods and Brockville will be able to have a more quiet night’s sleep while the safety of the railway crossing is maintained.