Transit service changes to complement April 2012 opening of Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor

November 03, 2011

Winnipeg Transit is recommending service changes to support the opening of the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor.

The opening of Stage One of the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor’s Transitway is scheduled for Sunday, April 8, 2012 and will involve a reorganization of transit services that operate to and from the southwest part of Winnipeg.

In total, the transit service reorganization affects the routings and schedules of 18 routes. To provide consistency for passengers, the same set of weekday, Saturday, and Sunday/Holiday schedules would be operated year round for all rapid transit routes with the exception of two routes servicing the University of Manitoba.

In general, the rapid transit routes will operate between Balmoral Station at the University of Winnipeg in the downtown and various destinations in southwest Winnipeg, using the Graham Transit Mall and diamond lanes on Main Street to access the transitway at Queen Elizabeth Way & Stradbrook. The rapid transit routes will then operate at high speed on the transitway (serving Harkness, Osborne, and Fort Rouge Stations), then exit the transitway at the Jubilee Overpass to proceed south on Pembina Highway, then branching off Pembina at several points to the routes’ ultimate destinations.

Rapid transit service will take advantage of several transit priority measures to provide fast, reliable service at all times. These measures include a dedicated terminal at Balmoral Station, the Graham Transit Mall, diamond lanes on Main Street, several transit priority signals in the downtown and at the transitway access/egress points, geometric improvements at several intersections, and the bus-only, grade-separated transitway.

Three new stations will be located on the transitway: Fort Rouge (in the Fort Rouge Yards), Osborne (on a new bridge over Osborne Street near Osborne Junction), and Harkness (at Harkness and Stradbrook).

Transit service will observe stops/stations in the downtown (Balmoral Station, Graham Mall stations, and Main Street stops) that have recently been upgraded to include new shelters, benches, signs, information kiosks, BUSwatch electronic signs, as well as the new stations on the transitway (Harkness, Osborne, and Fort Rouge).

The newest vehicles in the transit fleet will be used on the trunk rapid transit routes and will be outfitted with bike racks.

The regular transit fare system and fare levels will be used for rapid transit service. Passengers will be able to use the same fares as for the regular transit network, including cash, tickets, transfers, and a variety of passes.

Council approval is required before the Public Service can implement any of the recommendations. The Standing Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works will consider the report on Friday, November 4, 2011.

For more information on Rapid Transit or the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor Stage One project visit: .

Route and schedule information will be available several weeks in advance of the implementation date of rapid transit service at or by calling 311.


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