Idea of new Garbage and Recycling Program for You.

September 20, 2011

The City of Winnipeg will be considering an automated waste and recycling program.

Since last November, the City has asked for residents to share their thoughts on garbage, recycling and composting for Winnipeg and a draft report provides recommendations for:

options that together will keep more than 50% of our residential garbage out of the landfill, equitable and uniform garbage collection service supporting the Brady Road Landfill environmental licensing process Garbage Collection Implement automated garbage cart collection city-wide for single family homes Phase out all other types of collection for single family homes (e.g., manual, AutoBin, wheelbarrow cart collection) Provide bulky waste pickup at a cost of $5 per item Provide surplus waste pickup at a cost of $5 for up to three standard size garbage bags Continue to collect abandoned waste Diversion Implement automated recycling cart collection city-wide for single family homes, replacing the current manual blue box collection program Offer a biweekly leaf and yard waste collection program seven months per year, and discontinuing the seasonal drop off depots Implement a trial curbside kitchen waste collection program, and based on the results, recommending a full-scale program. Establish up to 4 Community Resource Recovery Centres (CRRC) where residents could drop off material that could be reused, resold or recycled (e.g., construction and demolition material, household items). Brady Road Landfill Change the focus of Brady Road Landfill from waste burial to resource recovery, and renaming it Brady Road Resource Management Facility Upon approval of this report, prepare an Environment Act proposal for licensing of the Brady Road Landfill site to reflect the uses outlined in the master plan Rezone the site to accommodate diverse uses which could include a “Green Business Park” for commercial/industrial resource recovery, product development and sales Benefits The report provides options with a number of social and environmental benefits for the community and residents. Social benefits Greater access to environmental programs and diversion opportunities Help reduce illegal dumping Improve fairness by providing uniform services and fees for all residents Improve control of vermin, odours and wind-blown litter, and significantly reduce collection worker injuries Reduce incidents of vandalism, fire and graffiti Environmental benefits Significantly increase garbage diversion rates Reduce odour, leachate production and operating costs at Brady Road Landfill, while improving safety Increase the lifespan of Brady Road Landfill, preserving capacity for the future Reduce greenhouse gas production (300,000 tonnes CO2e annually within 5 years, 569,000 tonnes CO2e annually within 20 years) For more information on the Draft Comprehensive Integrated Waste Management Plan report, download the: Draft Executive Summary Comprehensive Integrated Waste Management Plan Draft Comprehensive Integrated Waste Management Plan Phase 2 Public Participation Reports

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