Construction on Corydon

August 20, 2011

Beginning on August 15 pavement reconstruction will be taking place on Corydon Ave.

The construction will take approximately ten weeks to complete, depending on weather and other unforseen delays.

The work will include excavation of the existing street to be replaced with a new concrete surfaced roadway. The result will be a road with improved drainage and rideability characteristics.

During construction, the Eastbound lanes of Corydon between Lanark and Borebank will be closed to traffic. Westbound traffic will be reduced to the curb lane and Eastbound traffic will be redirected to the median lane of Westbound Corydon between Lanark and Borebank.

Pedestrian access will be maintained as much as possible. Access to intersections and approaches will be interrupted during excavation and paving phases.

Parking on Corydon between Lanark and Borebank will be prohibited during construction. Bus stops will be temporarily moved to the median for Eastbound bus routes between Lanark and Borebank.

Should you have any questions concerning the project at this time or during construction, please contact the my office at 986 - 5236.

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