Waverley/Taylor By-pass Lobby

July 12, 2011

The 2011 City of Winnipeg Capital Plan removed the money earmarked to the Waverely/Taylor by-pass assessment against my wishes.

The $1,119 million that was earmarked to get the Waverley by-pass shovel ready was taken out of the 2011 Capital budget.    The amount of time lost by people waiting, the amount of “green house” gases produced by waiting vehicles and the safety concerns associated with lack of access for emergency vehicles were ignored in the 2011 Capital Plan.   I am asking for your help to make sure a Waverley by-pass is made a priority.   Together we can make it happen.   Please send me an email or letter indicating your support for the getting a Waverley by-pass done and any experiences you wish to share associated with not having the Waverley by-pass done.  



I will continue to advocate on your behalf to make sure the Mayor and the Executive Policy Committee understand how important the project is to all of us.   This project must be a City priority.


We have over 60 people as of July 11, 2011 that have emailed me indicating their support for the project and providing stories associated with the delays.