Traffic and Development Pressures continue to grow as Winnipeg's Population continues to grow

February 14, 2011

Winnipeg’s population has grown by almost 10,000 people in the past year surpassing the expected forecasts for population growth. As of July 1, 2010 Winnipeg’s population is 684,100. In the past 10 years Winnipeg has grown by close to 50,000 people, which is more than adding Brandon population to Winnipeg.


This growth is occurring for a number reasons and this growth is having a significant impact on the River Heights/Ft Garry Ward residents.  As additional homes and development occur within and outside out neighbourhoods, more traffic is created.  Our infrastructure is not keeping up therefore people are using residential streets to access bridges and are waiting longer to get from place to place.


Predictions have Winnipeg continuing to grow, with the population surpassing 700,000 in the next 2 years. The continued growth of the city will end up putting extra strain on our roads and will increase traffic in all neighbourhoods, which is why we need to need to have a vision on how to deal with a $8 billion infrastructure deficit that Winnipeg is facing.


The increase need for land to accommodate this population growth will result in additional development to existing neighbourhoods however these new developments must ensure that they fit into the neighbourhoods in which they wish to join.


For more information on Winnipeg’s population growth please see the attached documents: 



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