C4 Open House - Tuesday, November 30 , 7:00 p.m.

Nov 30, 2010

WHAT DO WE NEED NOW? We want the support of our constituents for board amalgamation. WHAT IS OUR VISION? C4 will serve one community with three campus sites. As an amalgamated group, we will increase our capacity to offer quality programs, staff, and facilities. WHAT IS OUR MISSION? Our mission is to provide more accessible, affordable, and engaging programs and facilities to all ages and abilities. We are more than sports facilities, we are community destinations. We strive to meet diverse needs of people. Moving forward, our plan to share resources will be a catalyst to achieve facility improvements in the central corydon campus. WHAT ARE OUR GOALS? • Efficiencies of administration and program scheduling • A central registration system • Expanded volunteer base with enhanced supports • Maximized “best-use” of facilities • Representative program portfolio • Enhanced growth opportunities for all three centres.

Location: Robert H School

Street: 315 Oak Street

Phone: 488 - 3857 ext.32