Finding Balance: Yoga and Other Strategies for Depression and Anxiety with Hedy Heppenstall

Sep 09, 2019 7:00 pm - Oct 07, 2019 8:30 pm

Yoga offers many physical and emotional benefits through posture, breath work, and meditation, which help to soothe anxiety and lift depression. In addition to yoga, there are other strategies that are evidence-based and offer holistic balancing of mood, such as reframing negative thinking and journaling. This workshop encourages weekly practice of these wellness strategies, giving you the support you need on your path to emotional wellness, especially if you experience mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety. A small group ensures you have a comfortable space for movement, as well as time to share during discussions, if desired.

Who: Anyone 18 or older, interested in exploring a weekly practice of holistic strategies and yoga for
emotional wellness.

Where: Yoga Centre Winnipeg, 915 Grosvenor Avenue

What it Is: Students will learn ways to balance the body, mind and emotions through evidence-based
strategies such as meditation, breath work, journaling, re-framing negative thinking and practicing
appreciations. A gentle yoga practice will be part of every class. No previous experience is needed.
The instructor will offer demonstrations and individual modifications as needed.

What it is NOT: This workshop does not offer individual counselling, but does offer group discussion,
weekly practice, as well as group and instructor support.

Bring: comfortable, layered clothing, that allows stretching and movement, a yoga mat, a notebook
and pen.

A brief phone intake session is needed, before starting the workshop.
Participation in this class is confidential; your privacy is important to us.

Class size ranges from 6-12 participants.

$130 plus GST

Advanced registration required.

Registration deadline: September 7th

No refunds or credits for missed classes.


For more information, registration, or questions:,



Location: Yoga Centre Winnipeg

Street: 915 Grosvenor Avenue

Phone: 204-222-9642